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Short article explaining what porting is, how it work, and what to expect if you start the process.
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When you sign up for Tellhop, we give you the option to transfer (or port) an existing phone number over to our service so that you can save money and take advantage of all the missed call features that help you grow your business without having to invest in a new phone number.

Some important things to note about porting:

• Not all numbers can be ported, but most can so we can confirm once you submit your intake form

• The porting process can take between 1 and 4 weeks depending on the information you provide (any errors will extend the timeline) and your carrier (some respond slower as porting means losing business)

• Porting might mean you'll be terminating your agreement with your existing carrier which can carry early termination fees depending on your contract

• If you are terminating your service, but expect to use Tellhop on that same phone, you will not be able to as we are not a carrier. The best course of action in this case is to add Tellhop to your personal cell phone, that way you do not need to pay for an extra data plan and carry around two phones.

The porting process

Here are the steps to initiate the porting process:

1. If you did not already let us know when you created an account, email us at and let us know you want to port your number. 

2. Our team will send over this intake form. You will need to fill out every field in the form, including uploading a bill from the last 30-days. Here is another help article walking through each form field.

3. Once the form is completed, we'll populate a Letter of Authorization (LOA) with some of the form field inputs and send it over for signature (via PandDoc). The signer must be the authorized individual (or account holder) for the phone number you'd like to port.

4. Once the LOA is signed, we'll submit the porting request to a 3rd party we use (Twilio) who has direct relationships with all the carriers. They will be executing the port on our behalf. Here are the next steps they take:

4a. They submit to the carrier

4b. They follow up with the carrier to confirm all the info is right

4c. If the info is right, the carrier sends the date of transfer

4d. The phone number is ported and Twilio tests to ensure voice service is working

5. Once Twilio tests voice services, the number is instantly enabled on Tellhop and we'll notify you via email that the number and call services are live.

It is important to note that SMS can take up to 2 business days after the porting date to be activated as all carriers must update their routing records. Until carriers have updated their routing records, the number will not be SMS enabled.

How long does the process take?

The process can take between 1 and 4 weeks depending on if the information provided in our intake form is submitted all at once, and is correct upon first submittal. If all the information is correct, is submitted at the same time, and the LOA is signed immediately, the process should take between 1 and 2 weeks.

The reason it's still a 1 - 2 week wait, even if all the info is correct, is because from there it depends on how fast we hear back from your carrier. 

All updates as we move through the process will be delivered via email. 

And don't worry—there is no service interruption. You can use your phone number up until the port date. 


The porting process is 100% free. However, you must be in your 7-day free trial to begin the porting process.

We are more than happy to fully refund you for the time between the trial start, and the end of the porting process if you:

1. Do not use your Tellhop phone number during that process, and

2. Fully complete the porting process 

The reason we only issue refunds for those who fully complete the porting process is because it takes time and effort from our team so if you decide half way through you do not want it, that is fine, but we want to make sure our team's time is paid for. 

Questions? Reach out anytime:


Call or text: (510) 281-8840

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