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Quick article to help you fill out the form required to transfer (or port) an existing phone number to Tellhop
Written by Kelly Mackey
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If you already have a business phone number you'd like to use with Tellhop, we can port (or transfer) it over from your existing carrier, free of charge.

Important things before you start:

• If you are porting a number from a cell phone and plan to use that same phone with Tellhop, that phone must have a data plan or be connected to wifi.

• The information filled out in the form must match the information that your current phone provider has as it relates to the account you're transferring from.

• Each carrier may have different requirements. We recommend reaching out to your carrier to make sure all the details you are providing are correct.

Here is a link to the form we need you to complete in order to begin the porting process.

Question 1

The person's first and last name that goes into this field must match the owner (or authorized individual) listed on the carrier account.

Question 2

This will be used to request a signature for a document required to port your number (the LOA). The email address should be for the individual who is the owner (or authorized individual) for the carrier account.

Question 3

The address listed here must match the address listed on your account that is receiving the phone service in question.

Question 4

If you can't remember, this detail is if often listed on a bill or can be found by signing into your current carriers online portal.

Question 5

This question is only required if you selected 'business' in question 3. If not, move on. If you did, this must exactly match the business name listed on your phone provider's account.

Question 6

Please include the full phone number, including area code. Today, we only port numbers from the US.

Question 7

If the number is from a cell phone, it's wireless. If you're not sure, reach out to us and we can verify for you: help@tellhop.com

Question 8

You only need to answer this question if you selected 'Wireless' in question 6. This is the account number listed on your bill, or when you sign into your provider's online portal.

Question 9

You only need to answer this question if you selected 'Wireless' in question 6.

The account PIN is needed to authorize us to move the number from your carrier. In most cases, you can find this when signed into your provider's online portal. In some cases, this may be the last 4 digits of SS. We recommend you reach out to your carrier (ask for the porting team if they have one) to confirm your PIN. 

Question 10

If you do not receive your bills via email, you should be able to access these from your provider's online portal. We need a bill from the last 30 days. That bill must include the account, owner/authorized user name, and address information for the phone number you'd like to port. If you're having any trouble uploading it, email it to us here: help@tellhop.com

That is the last field you need to fill out! With this information, we'll fill out a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and will send it over to you through PandaDoc to securely sign. 

The signer needs to be the owner (or authorized individual) for the account corresponding with the phone number we'll be porting.

Expect the LOA to be sent to the  within 24 business hours after you submit this survey.

NOTE: if any of the information on this survey is not correct, it will be rejected by the carrier and we'll have to refile. This is what can cause the process to take up to 4 weeks. If all the information is shared correctly, on average, the process takes between 1 and 2 weeks depending on how quickly your current carrier responds to requests.

Please call, text, or email with any questions.


(510) 281-8840

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