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Linking chats to projects

How to link a chat to a project
Written by Kelly Mackey
Updated 1 year ago

Linking chats to projects is completely optional. If you choose to link your chat to a project, all the photos, tasks, and documents that are shared in that chat will automatically be organized into the project you linked it to.

Linking chats to projects will also allow participants in that chat to easily access your project info page where you can list important information like URLs to plans, selections, job site details like key codes, and more!

People in the chat you link will only see the content from the chat you add them to. 

If you do not want to link a chat, you can still use search to find important photos, tasks, and conversations. You can also forward content from a chat to a project to document the important things. 

To link a chat to a project:

Once in the chat, tap the name at the top of the chat. In the below screenshot, tap 'Josh from Rivet'

This will bring you to the chat settings page. Here, tap the menu directly below the chat name labeled: 'About: Link to project' pictured below.

Next, select the project you'd like to associate the chat with. And now you're all set! The icon color of the chat will turn the color of the project so you can more easily spot it in chat.

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