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What does it look like when I sent a text message from Rivet?

Short article on what you can expect others to see.
Written by Kelly Mackey
Updated 1 year ago

If you send an SMS (text message) to someone from within Rivet, it lets you keep track of their response in an organized place that can be accessed by anyone you add to a group.

Here's what that message looks like when sent via text message:

In the above example, you can replace 'Meredith Harris' with your name, and 'Taylor' with the name of your group project chat. The above example was also a message sent with both a photo and text.

As you may have noticed, the message will come from a Rivet number. This number will always be the same.

The first time you send a new, non-Rivet member a text message from within Rivet we'll send them an intro message so they know what is happening. Below is the message. They will only get this message once. 

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