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Short article with instructions on how to update your Facebook page with your new Tellhop phone number.
Written by Kelly Mackey
Updated 1 year ago

Updating your phone number on your Facebook page is quick and easy. Make sure whomever is updating has administrative privileges for that page.

Updating from a computer - the new Facebook experience

1. Log into your Facebook account here.

2. Once you're logged in, find your business's page in the vertical, left most navigation and select it. If you don't see it there, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner, and select the blue text that says 'See all profiles' then select your business page.

3. Once on your page, click the 'About' section on the horizontal navigation just below your page cover photo and avatar (pictured below).


4. This should bring you to the 'Contact and basic info' section. If you are not there, click it in the vertical navigation directly under your cover photo and avatar.

5. Find your phone number under the 'Contact info' section and click the round circle with three dots in it to the right of that field. A menu will appear. Click 'Edit'

6. Remove the old phone number and replace it with your new Tellhop phone number then click the blue 'Save' button directly under the field in the bottom right hand corner.

TIP: you can find and copy your new number on desktop by clicking 'Settings' found in the bottom left hand corner --> then click 'Company info' --> then click the blue circle button with three dots to the right of your phone number --> then click 'Copy'

Here is Facebook's official page on how to add and edit information on your business page. Please note: their editing experience changes based on if you're on the "classic" version or the "new" version.

Here is a great and simple video from Kelly Noble Mirabella that shows you how to edit from the classic version or experience.

And if you want to update from your mobile device, here is a video that show you how to do that.

Questions? Reach out anytime!

email: help@tellhop.com

call/text: (510) 281-8840

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