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Written by Kelly Mackey
Updated 1 year ago

We've seen that many people operate on their personal cell phones to communicate with customers, businesses they work with, and potential new leads.

This can be problematic for many reasons:

1. When and if people leave the company, the contacts and records leave with their personal phones,

2. A single person has to be responsible for remembering to pass on information to others on their team, not only leading to the time waste of forwarding on information, but other bigger issues if they forget,

3. Text message and phone calls are not efficient apps for operating so new leads, questions, or issues may go unattended or undocumented for far too long.

All of these can cause real business problems, not to mention burnout from the fact that you now have to use your phone for both personal and professional when your phone dings on the weekend, it might be a family member, or it might be an angry client, which is not easy to 'turn off' and 'address Monday.'

With Rivet Line, we're trying to help solve those issue!

Today, you can claim a local business number that lets you create channels with customers, subcontractors, contractors, suppliers, anyone! 

On your team's end, it's like a group conversation -- you can add as many of your team members as you'd like. To the person on the other end that you're texting, it looks like they're just texting with one person.

Here are the features we have in Rivet line today:

• A local phone number where you can send and receive text messages or calls 

• The ability to set your Rivet Line to go straight to voicemail, where callers can leave a message that will transcribe and drop into the group channel

• The ability to set your Rivet line to ring N-numbers at once, first to pick up will be connected so you can answer questions or address issues faster

•  A group space (the channel) where more of your team can see, respond to, and take action on incoming texts and calls faster

Once you've claimed your Rivet line, you can also request a QR code from us ( that people can scan to pop your number into text so it is easier for them to reach out.

People use these QR codes on the sides of their vehicles, signs outside of projects they're working on, or on business cards for faster communication.

When a person texts or calls into Rivet and you do not yet have a channels set up with that individual, we'll kick off a new channel for you and auto-add your company admins to that channel to make sure they stay in the loop.

If you haven't set your company admins, here's a quick help article on how to do that.

We are actively working on this area of the app. There are a bunch of additional features you'll begin to see over the next few months, which include:

• The ability to set business hours and off hours

• The ability to add more than one line (maybe you want one for each super/PM pairing, or one per department)

• The ability to record a call, and drop the call notes into the group channel for easy email documentation

• The ability to set reminders

• The ability to label messages and create exportable records from text for project documentation

Are there additional features that would help you as you think about your business and cool phone related things we could build to help you and your team field, process, and document conversations happening on your phone today? Let us know!


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